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30th June 2008

tickingtimeless6:16pm: Text Lingo
foq u: drunk text cussing
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22nd July 2004

shaycbt6:58pm: hehe
goobness: see picture of michelle in the dictionary

thegrimmble6:02pm: Whire
whire: noun

slang for whore.

You are such a fucking whire!

*note: someone else shoudl have added this into the dictionary but she didnt, so i'm doing it in her honor.
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thegrimmble4:57pm: bunny
bunny- verb: -ied, bunny(-ing)

1. to have sex.

Do you ever bunny?
I already bunnied today... 5 times!
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11th July 2004

scheffgal763:12am: The Definition of Hell by Becky
Hell: Sheetz Incorporated....a chain of convenience stores and restaurants. Practices slavery among other sins and should be brought crashing down.

10th July 2004

scheffgal763:13am: Definition of the Whammy By Becky, Jen and Tina
When me Jen and Tina talk about our obsessions we refer to it is being whammied. What is being whammied. Well folks it goes sorta like this...

whammied: you see said person in your dreams a lot and these dreams can be sexual or non sexual in nature. If this person is an actor, you are not satisfied until you have had a daily fix. This means you must watch at least one of this person's movies daily. Now if you have been whammied by a singer...your fix includes watching concerts, listening to CDs and drooling over photos.

Jen's Whammy Examples
1. Mel Gibson: whammied for 2 months
2. Rick Savage: whammied since high school
3. Joe Eliot: whammied since high school
4. Johnny Depp: whammied for 4 months

Tina's Whammy Examples
1. Johnny Depp: whammied for 4 months

Becky's Whammy Example
1. Jason Scheff: seventeen years and counting. :)
scheffgal7612:21am: Becky's Usage of the Word Fuck
I had to put this in here. When I'm pissed I tend to say fuck every five minutes and put it in so many strange combos.

1. dipfuck
2. fuckhead
3. fucknut
4. cocksuckingmotherfuckingprick (when I am super pissed)

9th July 2004

shaycbt1:34pm: galactophagist

n. 1. One who eats, or subsists on, milk.
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8th July 2004

shaycbt7:01pm: Boobi

Pronunciation: büb-I
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural: booby
1 : a stupid awkward person
2 : something (as a front, swelling, or curving part) resembling a breast
3 : the fore or ventral part of the body between the neck and the abdomen
- boob·ish /'bü-bish/ adjective
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thegrimmble5:15pm: Preparate

preparate-"prep-e-rate"-verb: -ing.

(cooking term) the act of preparing food. (I need to preparate the macaroni before Mom comes home.)

(becoming more and more used in the textile world) the art of preparing an outfit. (I need four bolts of pink silk to preparate this blouse.)


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shaycbt3:09pm: Test One
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